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BNVD 1431 MK II Articulating Night Vision Goggle – L3 Complete Units

From: $8,199.99

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Custom Night Vision is the exclusive distributor for the NEW and IMPROVED CANADIAN version of the BNVD 1431 MK2.

Handpicked Option – This is our most popular way of ordering night vision. We maintain a massive inventory of 500+ image intensifier tubes not listed on the website. We will contact you (typically within 24-48 hours of placing your order) with pictures and specs of tubes we select to ask for your approval. If you have preferences on certain specs (ie: SNR, EBI etc…) please include those in your order notes and we will do our best to meet your goal. After customer tube approval the night vision unit will be ready to ship within 1 to 3 business days.

We offer L3Harris 20UA and 20 UA Supergain.  20UA tubes will have a typical FOM of 2200-2600 with an EBI of 0.5 to 2.0 and 20UA Supergain will have a typical FOM of 1800-2200 with an EBI of 0.2 to 0.5.

SuperGain Filmless White Phosphor image intensifier tubes increase the Luminance Gain (Gain) specification for image intensifier tubes from the standard 40,000-80,000 fL/fc to between 100,000-120,000 fL/fc.  This greatly increases the image intensifier’s ability to amplify and collect light, resulting in a noticeably brighter image with increased low light performance and extending operational envelope and ability to see into dark areas.

All units include a five year warranty INCLUDING accidental damage coverage to the housing.

We can swap any unit with standard mil-spec optics to ultralight mil-spec RPO 3.0 Ultralight Optics for an additional $800.  These optics weight over 1/3 less than the standard Carson Industries optics.

All units are professionally built in-house, purged and collimated using state of the art equipment including the Hoffman ANV-126A. All Elbit and L3 units include adjustable main gain brightness control.

All Units include

  • Hard Case
  • Argus Bikini Covers
  • Nocorium wraps (please select preferred wrap color in order notes: Multicam, Multicam Black, Multicam Arid, Multicam Tropic, M81 Woodland, Ranger Green, Desert Night Camo and others)*
  • Multicam Battery Tether

Current Units in Stock

L3 Filmless White Phosphor Units – Carson Mil Spec Optics

  • Handpicked
  • Unit 2274 TAN – 20UA– 72/72 Resolution, 33.7/33.7 SNR, 2426/2426 FOM, 0.6/0.6 EBI, 0.8/0.7 Halo, 63245/62111, gain  1 spot zone 3  
  • Unit 2286 TAN – 20UA– 72/72 Resolution, 33.9/33.5 SNR, 2390/2412 FOM, 0.5/0.4 EBI, 0.8/0.8 Halo, 62971/63869 gain, No spots on data sheet 
  • Unit 2552 – 20UA – 64/64 Resolution, 34.0/34.1 SNR, 2176/2182 FOM, 0.4/0.4 EBI, 1.0/0.9 Halo, 61163/63964 gain, 1 Spot zone 3 

L3 Filmless White Phosphor Units – RPO 3.0 Ultralight Mil Spec Optics

  • Unit 2450 – 20UA – 72/72 Resolution, 36.6/36.2 SNR, 2635/2606 FOM, 1.4/0.7 EBI, 0.8/0.7 Halo, 63377/64834 gain, 1 spot zone 3 

L3 Filmless SUPERGAIN White Phosphor Units – Carson Mil Spec Optics

  • Handpicked
  • Unit 2447 – 20UAH– 72/72 Resolution, 34.1/34.2 SNR, 2455/2462 FOM, 0.7/0.2 EBI, 0.8/0.7 Halo, 115650/113914 gain, No spots on data sheet 
  • Unit 2475 – 20UAH – 64/64 Resolution, 30.5/31.0 SNR, 1952/1984 FOM, 0.5/0.1 EBI, 0.8/0.7 Halo, 119673/117397 gain, 1 Spot zone3 
  • Unit 2544 – 20UAH – 64/64 Resolution, 31.9/31.7 SNR, 2042/2029 FOM, 0.5/0.5 EBI, 0.9/0.9 Halo, 113371/104124 gain, No spots on data sheet 
  • Unit 2612 – 20UAH – 64/64 Resolution, 28.7/29.4 SNR, 1837/1882 FOM, 0.4/0.2 EBI, 0.7/0.8 Halo, 113310/107396 gain, No spots on data sheet

L3 Filmless White Phosphor Units – RPO Ultralight 3.0 Mil Spec Optics

  • Handpicked


1431 MK2 Features:

  • On-board illuminator
  • Adjustable manual gain bright controller integrated into power controls on all L3 units
  • Improved dovetail interface for a stronger, more durable lock-up
  • Recontoured, skeletonized pods design to reduce bulk and increase rigidity
  • Upgraded material composition for optimized strength-to-weight ratio
  • Revised electronics for increased reliability in all conditions
  • Articulating eye pods with programmable auto power off/on
  • AA Battery Compartment
  • Fischer port for use with external battery pack
  • The BNVD 1431 night vision goggles uses PVS-14 optics that provide a high spec and serviceable platform.
  • The 1431 MKII has excellent build quality while minimizing weight at just under 600g for the fully built system including AA battery.


Additional information

Tube Type

Housing Only (No Tubes or Optics), Surplus ITT Omni VII Green Phosphor, Elbit XLSH White Phosphor, L3 Filmless White Phosphor


No Optics, Carson Mil Spec, RPO Ultralight


Unit 0229, Unit 0291, Unit 0236, Unit 0220, Unit 0232, Unit 0228, Unit 0269, Unit 0278, Unit 0244, Unit 0225, Unit 0200, Housing Only, Unit 0287, Unit 0224, Unit 0282, Unit 0292, Unit 0260, Unit 0231, Unit 0291, Unit 0261, Unit 0227, Unit 0472, Unit 0459, Unit 0324, Unit 0472, Unit 0336, Unit 0343, Unit 0412


Standard Mil-Spec Optics, RPO Ultralight Mil Spec Optics


Handpicked 20UA, Handpicked 20UA Supergain 1800-2200 FOM, Handpicked 20UA Supergain 2200+ FOM, Unit 2274, Unit 2286, Unit 2447, Unit 2450, Unit 2475, Unit 2544, Unit 2552, Unit 2612

Add a Team Wendy LTP / Ops Core Bump Helmet


Coyote Brown, Black


Size 1 S/M, Size 2 L/XL

2 reviews for BNVD 1431 MK II Articulating Night Vision Goggle – L3 Complete Units

  1. Brad S (verified owner)

    Bought a 2nd set of these for my son after buying my first set a year ago. After extensive research, I felt that these were the best value that I could find anywhere. The 1431 MKII housing has been fantastic so far and the added weight over the PVS-31s is offset by the ease of maintenance and adjustable diopter with the standard and well proven PVS-14 optics. Also chose these over the L3 1531s due to the higher spec tubes at a lower cost than I could find in the 1531s. Although the battery port location is better in the 1531s, the port location on these has been a non-issue (and is the same as the PVS-31s btw). I have hundreds of hours behind the F4949 aviation goggles and the L3 tubes in these are far better than anything I’ve used in the past. Customer service from Ben has been outstanding, and although I haven’t needed warranty service, I have no doubt that Ben will take care of any issues should they arise. Keep up the good work Custom NV!

  2. Jackson Miller (verified owner)

    Excellent NVGs, slightly on the heavier side but comfortable with a battery pack or counterweight. Articulation while using a battery pack is limited on the right pod to about 90 degrees by the connector, but this is really not much of an issue, it fully articulates out of your line of sight. I was a little skeptical of using solid state programming to control the functions of the BNVDs but it works well. I have noticed that even after removing and reinstalling the battery, the BNVDs will retain the last setting for the articulation deactivation, unexpected but convenient. The illuminator is awkwardly positioned for me but rarely used, you really need to remember to use your left hand to activate it or else blind yourself with IR splash. Tubes are great, very closely matched specs. Manual gain control works well. Very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you Ben!

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