L3 Filmless White Phosphor Single Tubes – 11769 Style


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L3 Filmless White Phosphor Single Tubes - 11769 Style $3,399.99$3,699.99

These are brand new L3Harris Gen 3 Autogated Filmless White Phosphor intensifier tubes with warranty and data sheets. We typically use 20UA aviation spec intensifier tubes to ensure our customers get the highly quality tubes with minimal spots.

You can select a tube from the drop down menu (Specs and Pictures for each tube are listed) or select Handpicked Option if you want us to select a tube.  Actual specs and photos of each in stock tube are in the drop down menus (please note: color shade of blue/green is due to photo lighting, all tubes will actually be the same light blue in color).

Handpicked Option – Select this if you want Custom Night Vision to select the intensifier tube for you instead of selecting a tube from our inventory.  We will contact you (typically within 24-48 hours of placing your order) with a picture and specs of the tube we select to ask for your approval. If you have preferences on certain specs (ie: SNR, EBI etc…) please include those in your order notes and we will do our best to meet your goal.

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Handpicked 20UA 2000-2300 FOM, Handpicked 20UA 2300 FOM+, Tube: 165013607- 72 Resolution, 33.5 SNR, 2412 FOM, 0.3 EBI, 0.7 Halo, 63615 gain. 1 spot zone 3., Tube: 165014049 – 72 Resolution, 32.1 SNR, 2311 FOM, 0.5 EBI, 0.7 Halo, 60907 gain. No spots on data sheet., Tube: 165014052 – 72 Resolution, 35.4 SNR, 2549 FOM, 0.3 EBI, 0.7 Halo, 63141 gain., Tube: 165014079 – 20UA – 72 Resolution, 34.5 SNR, 2484 FOM, 0.5 EBI, 0.7 Halo, 62503 gain. No spots on data sheet., Tube: 170345800 – 72 Resolution, 34.2 SNR, 2462 FOM, 0.4 EBI, 0.7 Halo, 64150 gain. 2 spots in zone 3.

2 reviews for L3 Filmless White Phosphor Single Tubes – 11769 Style

  1. Evan

    Clearer than glass. I ordered a tube and specified an MX-11769, the tube I had chosen on this site wasn’t available in that configuration, however Jason ended up calling me personally to let me know, and had asked which specs were most important to me. He then sent me an email containing the spec sheet for another tube that was just as good, if not a little bit better, than the tube that I chose initially.

    It arrived exactly as expected – though I did feel my heart skip a beat when I opened the box to find Photonis packaging – but sure enough I checked the tube and it was the Elbit tube I ordered, serial number matched, and the spec sheet was included for good measure.

    Worth every penny.

  2. Scott c (verified owner)

    Crispy clean tube. Easy to remove pigtails. Fast worry free shipping. Ben always delivers!

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