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AB Night Vision RPNVG – Ruggedized Panning Night Vision Goggle

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The RPNVG utilizes a single CR123A battery, but also comes with an on board auxiliary LEMO port for use with battery packs, such as the AB Night Vision Inc Ground Optimized Battery Pack. This goggle also features Interpupillary adjustment points. This allows you to adjust the pod location to perfectly line up with your eyes. These are located on the pod themselves and feature a push button system design

The RPNVG allows you increase the Field of View from 40 degrees to 65 degrees. The RPNVG pods can be removed without tools to act as a monocular and the pods can be swapped to either side.

All units include a hard case, warranty and data sheets.

We offer Rochester Precision Optics (RPO) Ultralight Objective AND Diopter Lenses.

These high performance optics weigh ~1/3 less than Carson Industries.  These cost significantly more than Carson, but because we Kosher Surplus bought such large quantity, we are able to offer this upgrade at a very reasonable price. DTNVS with these RPO Optics weigh only 0.42kg/15.15 Ounces/0.92 pounds.

As always with Kosher Surplus, we ONLY SELL IN-STOCK NIGHT VISION. NO LEAD TIMES. Because we do not pre-sell night vision, we grade each individual goggle to assign a fair price to each set based on the performance specs and spots in the image tube.  By providing our customers with full transparency of tube performance specs and image, they can choose exactly what they want so there is no disappointment on a large purchase.

Current Units in Stock:

L3 Filmless White Phosphor

  • Unit 00022 – 20UA – 35.4 SNR, 72 LP, 2549 FOM, 0.5 EBI, 0.7 halo, 63.7k gain. No spots on L3 data sheet / 35.0 SNR, 72 LP, 2520 FOM, 0.6 EBI, 0.7 halo, 63.8k gain. No spots on L3 data sheet.
  • Unit 00026 L3 18UM – 64 Resolution, 34.2 SNR, 2189 FOM, 0.5 EBI, 0.7 Halo, 64523 gain / 64 Resolution, 34.1 SNR, 2182 FOM, 0.3 EBI, 0.8 Halo, 63996 gain. No spots on L3 Data sheets.

Elbit XLSH White Phosphor

  • Unit 00030 – Elbit XLSH – 64 Resolution, 29.6 SNR, 1894 FOM, 0.94 EBI, 0.62 Halo, 69070 gain, 2131 Photocathode / 64 Resolution, 28.4 SNR, 1818 FOM, 1.29 EBI, 0.78 Halo, 68602 gain, 2163 Photocathode
  • Unit 00027 –  Elbit XLSH – 64 Resolution, 29.7 SNR, 1901 FOM, 1.52 EBI, 0.7 Halo, 68981 gain, 2064 Photocathode / 64 Resolution, 29.3 SNR, 1875 FOM, 1.72 EBI, 0.77 Halo, 68949 gain, 2173 Photocathode

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Unit 2281A, Unit 0002B, Unit 1024B, Unit 0296B, Unit 0299B, Unit 0419B, Unit 0671B, Unit 0710B, Unit 0789B , Unit 0807B, Unit 0529C, Unit 0540C, Unit 0795B, Unit 0791B


Carson Mil Spec


L3 Filmless, Elbit XLSH


Unit 00022, Unit 00026, Unit 00030, Unit 00027, Handpicked


Coyote Brown, Black


Size 1 S/M, Size 2 L/XL


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