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Carson PVS-14 with L3 White Phosphor Filmless Tube

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Brand new Carson Industries PVS-14 with L3 White Phosphor Filmless Tube

Comes with covers, hard case, data sheet and 5 year warranty.  All units are professionally assembled and nitrogen purged.

Handpicked Option – This is our most popular way of ordering night vision. We maintain a massive inventory of 500+ image intensifier tubes not listed on the website. We will contact you (typically within 24-48 hours of placing your order) with pictures and specs of tubes we select to ask for your approval. If you have preferences on certain specs (ie: SNR, EBI etc…) please include those in your order notes and we will do our best to meet your goal. After customer tube approval the night vision unit will be ready to ship within 1 to 3 business days.

We offer L3Harris with 20UA Aviation Spec Filmless White Phosphor Tubes.  20UA tubes will have a typical FOM of 2000-2600 with an EBI of 0.5 to 2.0.

Price includes 2 day air shipping fully insured adult signature required (next day air free for military, LE first responders – put in comments).

  1. Handpicked Unit – We will select the best overall unit that we would choose as if we were picking a personal unit
  2. Unit 165000457 – 20UA – 72 Resolution, 32.6 SNR, 2347 FOM, 0.8 EBI, 0.7 Halo, 66725 gain.  No spots on data sheet 
  3. Unit 165000547 – 20UA – 72 Resolution, 32.6 SNR, 2347 FOM, 0.7 EBI, 0.7 Halo, 64783 gain.  No spots on data sheet 
  4. Unit 165000592 – 20UA – 72 Resolution, 32.5 SNR, 2340 FOM, 0.7 EBI, 0.7 Halo, 66528 gain.  No spots on data sheet 
  5. Unit: 170288486 – 20UA – 72 Resolution, 34.7 SNR, 2527 FOM, 2.2 EBI, 0.8 Halo, 63421 gain.  One Spot Zone 3 ( .003-.006) 


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170253993,  170250919,  170253284,  170256265, 170253275, 170256117, 170254093, 170252794, 170256108, 170253152, 170254273, 170253477, 170251454, 170240025, 170251461, 170256119, 170256118, 170250900, 170264518, 170262379, 170252488, 170260522, 170261655, 170261322, 170261326, 170261859, 170261861, 170261863, 170263299, 170263308, 170263311, 170263312, 170263659, 170261325, 170263862, 170266780, 170269500, 170269423, 170269478, 170269730, Handpicked


Handpicked Unit, Unit 165000457, Unit 165000547, Unit 165000592, Unit 170288486

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Coyote Brown, Black


Size 1 S/M, Size 2 L/XL

2 reviews for Carson PVS-14 with L3 White Phosphor Filmless Tube

  1. Randal ward (verified owner)

    I’ve had mine for a couple weeks now and have used it every single night its the coolest thing I’ve ever owned in my life turns night into day it’s a super power have let a few friends that have a lot of experience with different nvgs and they were all blown away by the quality. Definitely a pricy investment but at the end of the day you get what you pay for and being able to see all the spec and pick out witch tube you want it awesome. That also being said they all so high quality that a number one way or the other is pretty negligible. Can’t recommend this device enough

  2. AD (verified owner)

    This is a great pvs14! Got it yesterday and played with it some last night. Really clear image. It’s amazing what you can see even when it’s damn near pitch black. It Met my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with it. CNV’s customer service is great! I gave Kevin a call he was very helpful and able to answer my questions. I’ll be using CNV for all my future nv needs. Thanks again!

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