Nocturn Industries TAPB (Tanto Articulating Powered Bridge) “Daisho”


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Nocturn Industries TAPB (Tanto Articulating Powered Bridge) “Daisho” $799.99$829.99

**Free collimating services with the purchase of a Daisho**

**All Daisho INCLUDE 00B LEMO PORT**

Introducing the long-awaited powered articulating dual bridge mount for the UANVM “Tanto” or TAPB (Tanto Articulating Powered Bridge) “Daisho”.  With minimal tools or extra parts two Tantos can now be bridged together into a dedicated binocular system that does not compromise on weight or functionality.

The innovative design allows users to seamlessly transform their UANVM “Tanto” monoculars into an articulating binocular in under a minute or go from a binocular back to two monoculars to share with a partner (requires any PVS-14 style J-Arm for monocular use). To transform into the binocular, simply remove the battery cap and battery, insert the bridge into the battery compartment, and tighten the rear clamp screws on the bridge, done.

The bridge enables the use of a single battery for both tubes, has optional built in IPD stops, individual pod power on/off when articulated to the side, etc. similar to the UANVB “Katana.” A LEMO remote power port option is available as well.

Like all Nocturn products, this carries their unlimited lifetime warranty.


  • Daisho Bridge Only: 65.7g/2.32oz
  • Tantos and Daisho w/ Mil-Spec optics: 538g/19.00oz
  • Tantos and Daisho w/ RPO optics: 481.3g/17.00oz

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Black, Coyote Tan / FDE, ODG

External Power

None, LEMO 00B

1 review for Nocturn Industries TAPB (Tanto Articulating Powered Bridge) “Daisho”

  1. Con Boland (verified owner)

    CNV knocked it out of the park with my order, they even honored my wish to change colors from FDE to ODG after I’d paid. Turnaround was super quick on the build and everything functions flawlessly. The tantos arrived already installed onto the daisho. The waterproof box and bikini covers were a thoughtful addition too, thank you very much! I’ll be back!

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