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PVS-14 Elbit White Phosphor Night Vision Monocular

From: Original price was: $3,899.97.Current price is: $3,299.97.

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Mil-Spec Black PVS-14 Housing


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Select a Elbit White Phosphor Tube

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PVS-14 Elbit White Phosphor Night Vision Monocular From: $3,899.97 Original price was: $3,899.97.$3,299.97Current price is: $3,299.97.

PVS-14 White Phosphor Night Vision Monocular with Gen 3 Automated Manual Gain 11769 Elbit tubes with data sheets and warranty. Each unit comes with covers, hard case, data sheet and 5 year warranty.  All units are professionally assembled and nitrogen purged. Price includes 2 day air shipping fully insured signature required.

  • Elbit XLSH Tubes – These will be 1600+ FOM and will typically have 1+ zone 2 spot
  • Elbit PH Tubes – These will be typically be higher FOM and cleaner than XLSH

Handpicked Option – Select this if you want Custom Night Vision to select intensifier tubes for you instead of selecting a set from our inventory.  We will contact you (typically within 24-48 hours of placing your order) with pictures and specs of tubes we select to ask for your approval. If you have preferences on certain specs (ie: SNR, EBI etc…) please include those in your order notes and we will do our best to meet your goal.  After customer tube approval the night vision unit will be ready to ship within 1 to 3 business days.

We offer three choices of Optics

  1. Standard Mil Spec Optics
  2. Rochester Precision Optics (RPO) 3.0 Ultralight
  3. Photonis Defense Boomslang 50 Degree FOV

Nightline Battery Pack NL914C Information.  PVS-14 can be upgraded to the Nightline Battery Pack.

An enhanced, push-button, multi-battery housing with digital circuitry offering up to 75 hours run time, plus a more than 35% weight drop versus traditional housings.

The patented NL914C Power Pack by Nightline, Inc.™ takes the Elbit PVS-14 white phosphor night vision monocular to the next level by rethinking the entire battery housing. Its unique layout allows the use of shorter but more powerful CR123A lithium batteries in the same tray as the AA battery. The user can choose to use CR123A or AA batteries as desired. When used in conjunction with high-draw, filmless white phosphor tubes, it is possible to double or even triple the PVS-14’s run time by using more powerful and longer-lasting, higher voltage CR123A batteries through Nightline’s hardened digital circuitry.

Plus, the design of the PVS-14 Gen 3 White Phosphor Monocular for sale offers significant weight savings: the NL914C Power Pack weighs only 1.6 oz / 45 g total, or approximately 36% less than a traditional single-AA battery housing (which weighs 2.5 oz / 71 g). If the goal is to relieve the strain on your neck and make it easier for you to focus on the task at hand, this product delivers.


Additional information

Unit Number

Handpicked Unit, 5642358, 5668046, 5687137,  5703358,  5685072,  5611138,  5598165,  5691476,  5679218,  5680286,  5670316, 5676116, 5612624, 5680637, 5654116, 5586056, 5680665, 5592400, 5692975, 5661281, 5698865, 5680665, 5661281, 5692975, 5592400, 5654116, 5680637, 5586056

Select your Optics

Optic Selection

Standard Mil-Spec Optics, RPO Ultralight 3.0, Photonis Defense Boomslang 50-Degree FOV

Select a Elbit White Phosphor Tube


Handpicked 1700-2000 FOM, Handpicked 2000-2376 FOM., Tube 5838617 – XLSH – 72 Resolution, 23.8 SNR, 1713 FOM, 0.1 EBI, 0.93 Halo, 68170 gain. 1 spot zone 2. , Tube 5839689 – XLSH – 64 Resolution, 27 SNR, 1728 FOM, 1.11 EBI, 0.92 Halo, 67934 gain.  1 spot zone 2., Tube 5840469 – XLSH – 64 Resolution, 26.8 SNR, 1715 FOM, 1.69 EBI, 0.75 Halo, 67485 gain.  2 spots zone 2., Tube 5861297 – XSLH – 64 Resolution, 24.9 SNR, 1593 FOM, 1.49 EBI, 1.10 Halo, 68307 gain.  2 spots zone 2. , Tube 5899508 – XSLH – 64 Resolution, 22.3 SNR, 1427 FOM, 2.27 EBI, 1.06 Halo, 68983 gain. 1 Spots zone 2., Tube 5901471 – XLSH – 64 Resolution, 24.6 SNR, 1574 FOM, 1.46 EBI, 1.19 Halo, 68393 gain. 1 spot zone 2 and 1 spot in zone 3. , Tube 5921344 – XLSH – 64 Resolution, 23.8 SNR, 1523 FOM, 1.44 EBI, 1.09 Halo, 67758 gain. 2 spots zone 2. , Tube 5922813 – XLSH – 64 Resolution, 26.7 SNR, 1708 FOM, 0.24 EBI, 0.91 Halo, 68799 gain. 1 spot zone 2., Tube 5925824 – XLSH – 64 Resolution, 24.5 SNR, 1568 FOM, 0.31 EBI, 0.82 Halo, 68498 gain. 1 spot zone 2. 

Select a Team Wendy Helmet? - Discounted Package Pricing

Helmet Type

Team Wendy LTP 3.0 Bump, Team Wendy Carbon 3.0 Bump, Team Wendy EPIC Ballistic, Team Wendy EXFIL 3.0 Ballistic, Team Wendy EXFIL 3.0 Ballistic SL Lightweight


Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green, Multicam


Size 1 S/M, Size 2 L/XL, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

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3EIR DesignateIRV, 3EIR DIR-ONE V, 3EIR ONE, Wilcox CivilIan RAID XE Red Laser – Wilcox Connector, Wilcox CivilIan RAID XE Red Laser – Legacy Crane Connector, Steiner DBAL A3


Black, FDE, Ranger Green

7 reviews for PVS-14 Elbit White Phosphor Night Vision Monocular

  1. NP (verified owner)

    Went with PH hand select. CNV got back to me within 24hrs with a tube selection that matched my most desired specs(gain, and clarity). I made my selection and the tube was at my doorstep in under two days. This tube is crystal clear and the gain is phenomenal. Couldn’t be happier, buy with confidence.

  2. PJ (verified owner)

    I got one with the Nightline housing, 29.3 SNR, 0.69 HALO, 0.48 EBI and wow what a unit for my first NOD. First night out was pouring down rain with a full moon behind the clouds and it looked great. Even in my woods with no moon this thing still gives a good usable image. I’m really satisfied with the unit and CNV.

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