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Ops Core Step-in Visor for Helmets – Clear Lenses

Original price was: $399.99.Current price is: $229.99.

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Ops Core Step-in Visor for Helmets - Clear Lenses $399.99 Original price was: $399.99.$229.99Current price is: $229.99.

The Ops-Core STEP-IN® Visor is a low-profile protective night vision visor, designed with unique geometry that allows it to sit comfortably behind NVGs, while also providing high-performing vision protection. Depending on individual mission requirements, users can easily switch between clear, tinted, and dazzle lenses, all made specifically for these ballistic goggles. The removable rubber gaskets keep debris out of users’ eyes and can be taken off for missions where additional ventilation is needed, making it the ideal ballistic helmet visor for a range of intense environments. This Ops Core STEP-IN® Visor can be worn in extreme conditions, including parachute operations and jump scenarios with up to 120 mph winds. With a one-size-fits-all design, the STEP-IN® Visor seamlessly integrates with nearly all Ops-Core and Gentex helmet systems, regardless of the shell cut. The retention bungees allow users to easily attach the ballistic helmet visor onto a helmet and can be adjusted and locked into place and attached to the helmet Velcro when not in use.

  • Low-profile, unique geometry designed to sit comfortably behind NVGs.
  • Tool-less installation of various lenses into ballistic goggles depending on mission requirements.
  • Lenses available: Clear, Tinted, Dazzle
  • Includes a Clear and a Tinted lens
  • Removable rubber gaskets designed to keep dirt and dust out of eyes when in use. Gaskets can be removed from the protective visor for additional ventilation if needed.
  • Retention bungees can be adjusted and locked into place with the cleat system, and allow this ballistic helmet visor to fit with many different helmets.
  • Bungees can be attached to helmet Velcro for quick stowage when not needed.
  • Can be worn during parachute operations and has been tested to work for jump scenarios in 120 mph winds.
  • This Ops Core helmet accessory meets all the ANSI Z87.1 spectacle requirements for ballistics and optics. Provides MIL-PRF-32432 ballistic protection.
  • One size fits all system allows the protective night vision visor to seamlessly integrate with nearly all Ops-Core and Gentex helmet systems with ARC Rails regardless of the shell cut.

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2 reviews for Ops Core Step-in Visor for Helmets – Clear Lenses

  1. Dan B (verified owner)

    It’s very well made, with the exception of the lens gasket. I don’t like the multi-piece lens gasket. It comes apart too easy when you are manipulating the goggles. The attachment points are very well made and are very sturdy as is the adjustment with the shock cords. Works well with NVGs. They just need to go back to the drawing board on the gasket

  2. Zachary (verified owner)

    Keeping with the trend of top notch these Ops Core visors fit seamlessly on the Fast SF helmet. Easy to clip in or clip off and will protect your eyes from dust and debris. Eye protection is critical. The only cons I can think of are that the gasket doesn’t stick on perfectly and with use has a tendency to fall off in all fairness it’s designed to come off for ventilation but a little glue can fix this permanently. You can use this step in visor behind night vision seamlessly (tested with PVS-14, AX-14 Pro J-Arm and Wilcox G24 Mount) you may have a little bit of visible illumination around your eye from your operating night vision device eyepiece if you run it over the glass if you care about IR light discipline in a near peer scenario. You’ll probably have this issue no matter what eye protection you use. Just use the eye cups and slide off the step in visor which Ops Core already thought of. Also, Custom Night Vision shipped immediately and I got the package quick. I really appreciate that.

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