Knight’s Armament KVC Universal Bridge KAC PN:111793


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KAC PN:111793

The KVC Universal Bridge is a lightweight, highly adaptive interface component for use with a night vision and thermal monoculars.  Designed for a multitude of devices and mission options, a single bridge allows use with the PVS-14, MUM, GT-14, Breach PTQ136, etc.  It exceeds all present manufacturers inter-pupillary adjustment, weight-savings, and modularity at a lesser cost than competing systems.  The Universal Bridge extends adjustability and personal customization beyond any currently offered product with highly adaptive compatibility.

The KVC Universal Bridge is one of the most over-engineered, over-built, and highly-prized night vision mounting systems on the market.  It is up to 50% lighter than other similar products without sacrificing strength or functionality.  The Universal Bridge attaches to standard BNVD Dovetail Helmet Mounts, allowing users to attach two individual night vision monoculars or a night vision monocular paired with a thermal monocular.  The helmet mount attachment dovetail shoe features KVC’s patented Tolerance Tooth.  This feature is designed to ensure KVC male dovetail will properly seat in any other manufacturer’s female interface.  Due to varying tolerances from one manufacturer to the next, wear, environmental changes, etc; not all dovetails consistently lock up.  KVC’s patented Tolerance Tooth allows precise adjustment to compensate for tolerance stack.  Even if your Universal Bridge locks up perfectly with the host mount, parts wear will occur from constant mounting reps.  Adjusting the Tolerance Tooth will ensure a snug fit throughout the life of the device.

The KVC Universal Bridge features precise inter-pupillary adjustment through dual thumb wheels.  The wheels have enough purchase for ease of use, but are low profile to keep them from accidental actuation in the field.  The individual pivoting wings allow users to rotate each monocular out of the way in a low profile stowage manner.  If the user wants to flip the whole assembly up, the pivot features allows the monoculars lay flatter against the helmet shell than standard mounts; again creating a lower profile.  Monoculars are pivoted up with a simple force-to-overcome motion.  But, they lock up if pushed past 90 degrees.  This provides security; keeping the monoculars from accidentally being pushed down.  Releasing the pivot lock requires a deliberate actuation of the pivot locking latch on either side.

The KVC Universal Bridge allows users to pair up a large variety of night vision and thermal monocular systems using RQE mounting accessories.  The following accessories are required to attach monoculars to the KVC Universal Bridge:


MUM: KVC K-Clips

GT-14: KVC K-Clips

FLIR/Armasight MNVD: KVC K-Clips

FLIR Breach PTQ136: KVC K-Clips

The KVC Universal Bridge is one of the best dual monocular mounting systems on the market.  Highly adjustable and modular, it provides incredible versatility for attaching dual night vision or night vision/thermal pairings.  If you want increased mobility under night vision, pairing up two monoculars into a bridge system is an easy way to achieve it.  If you want hands-free observation ability through night vision and thermal, the Universal Bridge allows one of each to be attached with ease.  While this does not provide a fused image while used in conjunction, users can observe through one technology while the other unit is pivoted out of the way.  Then, they can quickly switch.  This method provides unmatched detection and identification capability in the field.


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