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Jerry-14 Gen2 Night Vision White Phosphor Monocular

Original price was: $2,499.99.Current price is: $2,149.99.


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Jerry-14 Gen2 Night Vision White Phosphor Monocular $2,499.99 Original price was: $2,499.99.$2,149.99Current price is: $2,149.99.

The InfiRay Jerry-14 Night Vision Monocular is an ultra-lightweight, full-featured white phosphor monocular that features an NNVT NVT4 1400-1600 FOM manual gain, non-autogated, white phosphor image intensifier. Weighing in at only 250g without battery, the Jerry-14 comes with all features you would expect from higher-priced, heavier offerings such as a robust reinforced polymer body, manual gain, low battery indicator, IR illuminator, manual focus, diopter adjustments, and more.

Minimum SNR: 22.0

Minimum Resolution: 64

Featuring similar controls and mounting footprint to milspec PVS-14s, the Jerry-14 comes with a full-metal, skeletonized, dovetail J-arm that comes ready to mount onto any standard NVG mount, such as the Wilcox G24.

Controls are simple – to turn on the device, rotate the main dial until it clicks, then simply continue turning to increase gain. To decrease gain, turn the knob counter-clockwise. To turn on the IR illuminator, double-tap the knob.


Material Polymer
Tube Type 18mm manual gain
Figure of Merit (FOM) SNR x LP/mm NNVT4 1400-1600FOM
Weight 250 grams
Power Supply AA onboard
Runtime 40+ hours
Lenses low profile lenses
Field of View 40º
Diopter Adjustable +2 to -6
Submersion and Dust Rating Up to 20 metres
Mount Style Dovetail with included J-arm
Onboard IR Illuminator Yes 5mW

Package includes

  • NNVT white phosphor InfiRay Jerry-14 night vision monocular
  • Aluminum skeletonized dovetail J-arm
  • Padded carry case with strap
  • Unique intensifier spec sheet
  • Eyecup and eye protection bumpers
  • Product manual

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2 reviews for Jerry-14 Gen2 Night Vision White Phosphor Monocular

  1. Tyler B (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my J14. Being new to running night vision, this is a great option. It’s very user friendly with a lot of great features. I really wanted a PVS14 however money was an issue. I was able to pick up the J14, Wilcox mount and bump helmet for around the same price of a PVS14. When compared with a couple of PVS14’s, I was very pleased with the J14’s performance. I’m seriously considering buying a bridge and another J14. Just don’t tell my wife.

    CNV’s customer service is second to none. They are very responsive, knowledgable and always willing to help. They offered to FaceTime me to help me figure out the features. That really meant a lot to me being new to night vision.

  2. J.R. (verified owner)

    First off I want to thank the customer support at Custom Night Vision. They took the time to listen to my needs and expectations for a night vision device and left me feeling confident in my purchase!
    Now as for the jerry 14… the quality and performance of this device definitely exceeded my expectations especially for the price point! Not only am I happy with my J14 but 2 of my friends that have experience with much more expensive night vision device’s purchased a Jerry 14 and a Jerry 31 after checking my unit out.

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