Elbit F5032 YH White Phosphor Articulating Night Vision Goggle System – PVS-31D


For more than 60 years, Elbit Systems of America – Night Vision has provided the military with premier vision-enhancing solutions. Our F5032 / PVS-31D lightweight night vision binocular provides special operations forces a tactical advantage in the most challenging environments. Whether reading printed map details, administering medical support, repairing weapons or re-configuring a radio, the F5032 provides essential visual ability while still maintaining cover under darkness. The F5032 is also configurable with fixed or adjustable diopter lenses
to accommodate individual user optical requirements. An intuitive vertical viewing capability recognizes when the binocular is in use and prevents shut-off from activating when a user looks up, such as when climbing a ladder. An auto shut-off engages only when the goggles are in the stowed position. The F5032 also includes an integrated IR illuminator, so the user does not have to carry extra equipment.

• Gen 3 Gated Pinnacle® tubes providing the highest performance and reliability available under all light levels
• Industry-leading, close-focus technology for intricate, mission-critical tasks
• Image intensifier tubes serviceable at the unit level
• Vertical viewing ability prevents shut off when user tilts head
• Available in fixed or adjustable diopter lenses
• Integrated IR illuminator brightens zero-light
• Manual brightness adjustment available
• Submersible up to 20 meters

These are brand new with standard accessories, Black Wilcox G24 ($500 value), full warranty and data sheets.

Goggle 205863 – YH Tubes – Resolution 81/81, SNR 31.1/32.7, FOM 2519/2649 EBI 0.86/0.71, Halo 0.73/0.64

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