Enhanced Clip-On Thermal Imager – E-COTI 640 Thermal for Night Vision (PVS-31, PVS-14 and more)



Enhanced Clip-On Thermal Imager – E-COTI 640 Thermal for Night Vision (PVS-31, PVS-14 and more).  These are extremely hard to find.  They come with the mounts for the PVS-31, but other mounts are available

ECOTI adds a thermal overlay to the image intensified (I2) NVD scene without modification of existing hardware. It is used in extreme low-light, no-light or foliated conditions where I2 devices are limited. ECOTI improves situational awareness and increases threat detection capabilities. Its low-power consumption, thermal sensor technology and high-performance optics integrate seamlessly to provide long-wave infrared capability. With the ability to mount on NVDs with a bracket, the need to refit helmets with special equipment is eliminated. It also comes in two configurations, one with an internal battery and one with external battery.

ECOTI has HUD (Heads Up Display) capability that provides real-time, geo-referenced navigation/route execution. When used with Android devices, the NVD becomes a remote display for identifying teammates, targets and route.

The ECOTI is an improvement over the legacy AN/PAS-29A COTI first introduced almost a decade ago by Optics 1. ECOTI has a 640×480, 60Hz sensor (compared to COTI’s 320×240 / 30Hz), and has increased field of view by 50% from 20o to 30o. It provides the user with a high definition, real-time thermal overlay. Users can select between Outline, Patrol, and Full Thermal modes, as well as white and black hot polarities. It also has pre-programmed environmental settings to provide the best possible detection in a multitude of operating environments.

Despite the numerous enhancements in performance and capabilities compared to the legacy COTI, the ECOTI is almost a full two ounces lighter. To lighten the load even more, ECOTI is also available without the internal CR123 battery and powered by the Optics 1 6-Cell GPS-enabled External Battery Pack.

ECOTI has a multitude of applications for law enforcement and civilian customers. The thermal detection capability is useful for SAR operations, fugitive and suspect pursuit, and hunting in thick brush or heavy vegetation. Unlike other weapon-mounted thermal scopes and handheld thermal monoculars, ECOTI allows users to be heads-up and hands-free.

Unlike Image Fusion systems such as the FGE and ENVG-B, the ECOTI is a clip-on thermal overlay with a dedicated power supply. A loss of power or damage to either the night vision goggle or ECOTI does not deadline the entire system; users can use one without the other. They can attach the ECOTI to its Eyepiece Adapter and used as a handheld thermal monocular.  Image Fusion systems have complicated and costly maintenance and repairs, leaving users blind in the night.



Two thermal detection modes:

  1. White Hot
  2. Black Hot

Three observation modes:

  1. Full Thermal
  2. Patrol
  3. Outline


Additional information

Mount Included

PVS-31 / PVS-31a


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