Wilcox Industries – RAPTAR S Rangefinder Ballistics Computer and Laser Device – RESTRICTED


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Wilcox Industries - RAPTAR S Rangefinder Ballistics Computer and Laser Device - RESTRICTED $10,699.99

**Restricted to active LEO only (we can not sell to Active Mil at this time).  Please send credentials from Department E-mail Address to ben@customnightvision.com.  Devices will only be shipped to authorized department addresses.  ITAR and Laser Device Agreements must be signed prior to shipping**

The Wilcox RAPTAR S product is a Class 3B High Power Laser Fire Control System that is the next step in precision for extremely long ranges.

In addition to the Infra-red (IR) laser, visible laser, IR flood and laser range finder (LRF) the RAPTAR S features an Applied Ballistics solver.

Compatible with mobile devices, users can input desired load data that directly syncs with RAPTAR-S for ballistic solutions. When paired with BAE™ thermal sights or UTC SWIR HWH-SMS system, the RAPTAR S provides a ballistic solution to the disturbed reticle for faster engagements. Whatever the caliber or conditions, the RAPTAR S can calculate corrections with speed and efficiency, increasing first round hit capability.

Sensor to Shooter Advantage

Decentralized fusion and sharing of data from diverse sensors, processed with advanced third-party AI Share target data on a need to know basis over tactical networks to other elements involved in an operation.

Orthogonal sensor cueing allows the Wilcox RAPTAR-S plugin for BTAC to communicate with other BTAC plugins allowing image capture enabled sights to pass images to BTAC cognitive services plugin for identification and real-time sharing.

Hyperlocal alerting capabilities can inform Warfighters and First Responders of relevant tactical information based on their location, competencies, and available resources. Connects shooters to sensors and artificial intelligence to assist Warfighters and First Responders in complex targeting scenarios that span acquisition and surveillance, identification, engagement, and handoff.


Red visible laser, IR laser, variable IR illuminator, LRF, and ballistic computer.

Environmental sensor reads temperature, pressure, humidity, inclination, cant, and heading.

OLED display outputs ballistic solution in MIL, MOA, Inches, and ACOG.

Programmable rifle selection stores up to 12 rifle and ammo profiles.

Lasers and illuminator all co-aligned with one adjustment.

Iron sights provide visual alignment when ranging hand-held.

Variable illuminator wheel adjusts beam from flood to spot.

Remote pressure pad utilizes same button configuration as unit.

Adjustable laser/illuminator brightness settings.

Mounts to rail via 1/4-20 screw or provided rail segments.

Optional GPS and Bluetooth capability.


  1. IR laser, VIS Laser, IR Flood, & Laser Range Finder.
  2. Menu Input & Selection Control Pad
  3. Internal Battery Compartment houses One (1) CR123
  4. Hooded OLED Display
  5. Mode Selector Knob
  6. 12” Remote Cable



System Specifications  

4.36”L x 3.30”W x 2.36”H

Weight: (With Battery, Rail, & Remote)


Power Source

One (1) CR123 3V

Runtime Over 7 Hours
Color FDE/Lusterlus Brown
Water Resistance Waterproof to 1 Meter
Ranging Operation at 24C >2000 Ranges
Laser Range Finder Specifications
Laser Range Finder 1550nm
Minimum Range 5 Meters
Max Range – Target Size 0.5M X 2.0M 1500 M With a 50% Reflectivity
Range Accuracy 1 M
Detection Probability 90%
Continous Ranging 1 Hz
Range Aquistion Time 1 Sec
Laser Specifications
Laser Type/Wavelength/Power*

VIisible Aiming Laser/635nm/< 0.7mW – 20mW

Laser Type/Wavelength/Power*

Infrared Flood/830nm/< 0.7mW – 80mW

Laser Type/Wavelength/Power*

Infrared Aim/850nm/< 0.7mW – 45mW

Ballistic Computer Specifications
Ballistic Solver Full Bullet Flyout via 3DOF Solver
Accuracy 0.1 Mils through Supersonic & Subsonic Flight
Units Metric, English, Mixed/Dual
Coriolis/Spin Drift Muzzle Velocity and Drop Scale Cailibration
Drag Curve Support G1/G7 Applied Ballistics Custom Drag Curve
Ballistic Callibration Muzzle Velocity and Drop Scale Cailibration

Additional information

Housing Color

Black, Tan

Laser Color

Red, Green


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