Steiner Optics DBAL-D2 IR Laser / Visible Green Laser / LED IR Illuminator **ADD TO CART PRICING**

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Steiner Optics DBAL-D2 IR Laser / Visible Green Laser / LED IR Illuminator **ADD TO CART PRICING** From: $1,715.99


The DBAL-D2 (Dual Beam Aiming Laser) is a multi-function Class 1 Infrared Laser from Steiner.  Being Class 1, it is completely Eye-Safe and available to the general public.  Class 1 IR lasers feature a 0.7mW rating which is not restricted by the FDA. While this is a lower output than the standard 5mW+ IR lasers used by Warfighters and LE Professionals, it is perfectly adequate for targeting at ranges out to 450 yards. This encompasses most ranges at which users will engage targets during night shooting and training.  The Steiner DBAL-D2 is designed to be weapon-mounted and act as an aiming system when the shooter is using head-mounted night vision goggles.  With the maximum identification range of the latest Gen3 tubes being between 100-115 yards, the 450-yard range of the Class1 laser is perfect.

At its core, the DBAL-D2 is a civilian-legal DBAL-A2 (AN/PEQ-15A).  It features a Class IIIa visible laser pointer (available green only), Class 1 Infrared laser pointer, and Class 1 LED IR illuminator.  The Steiner IR Illuminator is what sets the D2 apart from the legacy LDI Class 1 lasers.  The DBAL-D2 features an integral LED Infrared illuminator, complete with High/Low settings.  At high power, it runs at 600mW, generating IR illumination out to 800 yards (750 yards useable).  This incredibly high power illuminator is an LED, making it completely eye-safe.  What’s more, the 0.7mW infrared laser will not wash out in the illuminator’s beam, giving the shooter clear and precise aiming out to the laser’s maximum range under less-than-optimal lighting conditions.  Please note that the illuminator will “reflect” off walls at high power and close range, effectively washing out the lower power laser.  For these applications, it is recommended to use the illuminator on its low setting.  The illuminator features a variable bezel that can be focused from a wide/short-throw (30°) to a narrow/long-throw beam (2°).

Functionally, the rest of the DBAL-D2 provides the same benefits as the legacy systems.  The Class 1 IR laser works great out to 450 yards and the visible green laser is the same as the others.  One difference is both lasers are slaved, meaning that they zero each other when adjustments are made.  This makes zeroing the laser a lot easier.

Physically, the DBAL-D2 features the same robust aircraft-grade machined aluminum housing as Steiner’s military lasers.  Obviously, the illuminator housing is larger to accommodate the LED, but other than that, it is about the same size as an AN/PEQ-16B.  It is extremely rugged and can take a lot of abuse.  In fact, when you get the DBAL-D2 in your hands, it is very apparent that it’s built like a tank.  The D2 uses the same excellent HT Self-Adjusting Throw-Lever as every other Steiner laser.  This is one of the best quick-detach mounts on the market.  We have yet to find a rail it won’t work on.

The DBAL-D2 for sale is the embodiment of innovation in the civilian night vision market.  Steiner listens to its customers and makes products based on more than just what the government wants.  The inclusion of the infrared illuminator in the unit allows the shooter to free up real estate on the weapon platform for other accessories, or simply condense the amount of things hanging off the gun.  Add in the fact that the illuminator is one of the finest we have seen, and you have a winning product.  Please note: the illuminator is an LED, so there is visible downrange signature.  A visible red light (inherent to all LED’s) can be seen from over 100 yards away when viewed within 2° of the emitter.  This is a very small window, but something professionals need to be aware of.

This Item is ITAR controlled and cannot be shipped or carried outside the United States without express written permission from the United States Department of State. We do not export outside the United States. PERIOD!

The Villain Weapon Systems Gen 2 D2 Light shaping diffuser (LSD) is a ruggedized illuminator diffuser to replace the standard illuminator cover that comes with your DBAL D2.

Simply flip the diffuser in front of your illuminator and instantly change the focused, long range illuminator into a short-range, flood illuminator. The diffuse flood illumination is best suited for close range and indoor use.

This effectively doubles the functionality of the already powerful D2 illuminator by giving you fast access to short and long range Illumination with the flick of a finger.

  • No more twisting the focusing ring to adjust the intensity of your illuminator.
  • No more having the D2’s fully focused illuminator autogate your Night Vision while indoors.
  • No more having Automatic Brightness Control activate because of your illuminator (causing loss of information in your periphery, and the possible over exposure your target)
  • No more dealing with that useless, fragile illuminator cover that ships with your D2 (which always seems to rip off the first time you use it anyway!)

Protective Sacrificial Housing

Not only are you getting a quality light shaping diffusion element, you are also getting a fused, gasket sealed casing that acts as both a rugged diffuser housing and a sacrificial lens.

While the D2 LSD is not ballistically rated, it may protect the emitter from simulation projectiles, incoming debris, and the occasional knock against a doorframe while clearing rooms. Since the diffuser is meant for CQB illumination, it is recommended you flip it on to gain the aforementioned durability benefits.

The integrated shock cord loops onto the original attachment screws used for the factory illuminator cover. The shock cords that come with the LSD are much more durable than the original silicone loops, and will be able to withstand many flips.



                        Narrow Flood

Best for short-to-mid range use. Similar to the widest setting on the D2 Illuminator.

Light Transmission: 70%

Angular Diffusion: 25°     (+- 2°)

Wide flood

Best short range use. Similar to the MAWL C1+’s flood illuminator setting.

Light Transmission: 60% 

Angular Diffusion: 60°     (+- 5°)

Remember-the Beam Angle advertised by Steiner for the D2 is 2° when fully focused. The Diffusive element inside the D2 LSD is made to diffuse the beam without leaving a “Gaussian Pattern.” This allows the perceived diffusion to be CLEAN & EVEN throughout–without “hot spots.”






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Black, Tan

Villain Diffuser Type

Wide, Narrow


Black, Tan


Wide, Narrow


Villain Wide 60 Degrees Diffuser $64.99, Villain Narrow 25 Degrees Diffuser $64.99


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