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Ops-Core FAST SF High Cut Carbon Composite Ultralight Helmet $799.99$849.99

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Vented Lux Liner with OCC Dial. Super lightweight! See chart below

SIZING (Head Circumference)

  • Medium: 20 7/8″ – 22″
  • Large: 22.0″ – 23 1/4″
  • XL: 23 1/4″ – 24 3/8″
  • XXL: 24 3/8″ – 25 1/8″

For low threat environments, the Ops-Core FAST® SF Carbon Composite helmet is the ideal choice for reliable protection and comfort. This durable non-ballistic helmet platform is designed with a super high cut, bump shell made from a hybrid of Unidirectional composite of the most advanced carbon and fiberglass materials. Featuring a shell geometry that delivers critical coverage, this FAST tactical helmet provides enhanced impact protection from blunt trauma, making it optimal for rugged training, recce, airborne and water operations, and fast roping. The lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS) reduces the risk of snag hazards and interference, and carabiner clips improve NVG attachment and stability. The user-based design prioritizes comfort, with vent holes in the helmet shell that increase airflow and reduce heat stress. Like other Ops-Core FAST tactical helmets, the FAST SF High Cut Carbon Helmet seamlessly integrates with other Ops-Core helmet accessories, such as the Ops-Core AMP® Communication Headset, for a complete protective lightweight headborne system.


  • Ops-Core FAST SF Carbon Composite Helmet with super high cut, bump shell made of a hybrid design of Unidirectional composite of the most advanced Carbon and fiberglass materials.
  • Compatible with FAST helmet accessories and headborne accessories.
  • Carbon helmet with super high cut shell geometry that extends critical coverage over the rear occipital bone without load carrier interference, as well as optimizes weight distribution for increased stability, integration, balance and improved comfort.
  • Ear cut geometry is 16 mm higher than the FAST Carbon High Cut shell shape, allowing for clearance of larger communication headsets.
  • Super High Cut Skeleton Rails offer a lower profile with a 30% weight reduction from FAST MT Super High Cut Rails.
  • Super High Cut ARC shims offer added accessory attachment points on FAST helmet without occupying rail tracks
  • Features a lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS) which reduces snag hazards and interference. Carabiner clips improve NVG retention and stability.
  • Molded liner features proprietary recessed groove, accommodating over-the-head communications headsets with no interference or user discomfort, and ability to doff and don carbon helmet without removing the headset.
  • Vented Lux Liner features expanded polypropylene (EPP) liner, offering enhanced impact protection, and molded-in vent holes are integrated with the shell to provide increased airflow and reduce heat stress.
  • Ops-Core FAST SF Carbon Compositie Helmet comes standard with right eye dominant (buckle on left) Low Profile Occ-Dial Fitband retention. A left eye dominant retention (buckle on right) is available and may be purchased separately.

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Black, Tan, Multicam


Medium, Large, XL, XXL

4 reviews for Ops-Core FAST SF High Cut Carbon Composite Ultralight Helmet

  1. Lukas (verified owner)

    Best price around on these helmets, and if you’re running duals like I am (DTNVS), the Ops Core Carbon SF is the best non-ballistic option in my opinion. Comfort, the modular bungee shroud, and quality make this the best all around setup. Stellar CS from Ben and the team here at CNV.

  2. Jordan (verified owner)

    Can you find cheaper bump helmets? Yes. Can you find one more comfortable when running a pretty damn heavy head-borne set up? (Nox-18 bridged with PVS-14) maybe probably not. This helmet is awesome. I would buy it again 10/10 times even considering the cheaper options in the market. I’d recommend it for anyone looking for the best bump helmet set up you can buy especially if you’re running a heavy nv set up. Make sure you counterweight properly!

  3. Go Armed

    Just buy it! It’s fantastic if your running amps. It’s fantastic without amps. It’s like a My Pillow for your dome.

  4. GreenEyedOwl87 (verified owner)

    Amazing build quality, super light, and fits like a glove. It is nice to have something to train with, and save my neck at the same time. Not ballistic, but definitely not a cheap “Bump” helmet.

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