Jerry 31 Articulating White Phosphor Gen2 Night Vision Goggle

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All units include adapters to run PVS-14 sacrificial lens! All units have the revised and upgraded dovetail installed.  Units come sealed from the manufacturer to retain manufacturer warranty!

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Jerry-31 binocular white phosphor night vision goggle uses super Gen2 low light tubes. These are the most affordable white phosphor night vision goggle on the market. It is packed full of features including manual gain, IPD stops, independent tube power on/off, IP67 and weighs only 470 grams / ~16 ounces.

  • Minimum FOM: 1400
  • Minimum Resolution: 64
  • Minimum SNR: 22

The Jerry 31 Night Vision Goggles offers reliable and superior performance while still maintaining a compact size and ultra-lightweight design. The Jerry 31 has manual gain so the user can adjust the brightness to their preferred level. The Gen2 Night Vision Goggles have built in self protection from bright bright lights. The Jerry 31 for sale has built in IPD stops and a IR Illuminator. Each pod individually turns on and off based on the articulation. The Jerry 31 has a built in dovetail that is ready to be mounted on a G24.

Optional Jerry 31 battery pack extends battery life to 75+ hours

Jerry 31 Gen2 Night Vision Goggles come with a two year housing and one year tube warranty.

Package contains:

  • J-31
  • High quality rubber lens covers
  • Soft carry/storage case
  • COTI Attachment Bracket
  • Manual
  • Data Sheet
  • Extra screws

Additional information

Unit Number

Jerry 31 Night Vision Goggle, Jerry 31 Night Vision Goggle + Battery Pack

Unit Number

Jerry 31 Night Vision Goggle, Jerry 31 Night Vision Goggle + Battery Pack

Add a Helmet? Special Package Pricing!

Helmet Type

Team Wendy LTP 3.0 Bump, Team Wendy Carbon 3.0 Bump, Team Wendy EPIC Ballistic, Team Wendy EXFIL 3.0 Ballistic, Team Wendy EXFIL 3.0 Ballistic SL Lightweight


Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green, Multicam


Size 1 S/M, Size 2 L/XL, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Add A Laser? Special Package Pricing!


3EIR DesignateIRV, 3EIR DIR-ONE V, 3EIR ONE, Wilcox CivilIan RAID XE Red Laser – Wilcox Connector, Wilcox CivilIan RAID XE Red Laser – Legacy Crane Connector, Steiner DBAL A3


Black, FDE, Ranger Green

14 reviews for Jerry 31 Articulating White Phosphor Gen2 Night Vision Goggle

  1. Hunt, Michael

    Sorry I’m an idiot

  2. Dione K (verified owner)

    Spent the last 10 years plus researching & obsessing over BNVG’s. Stumbled across custom night vision’s webpage & found the J31’s. Blown away by the price & quality I pulled the trigger on a pair. The best money ever spent! The unit is built like a tank & light weight. The clarity is excellent. Built in IR provides great illumination coverage. Manual gain knob allows for adapting to various night conditions. Pair these w/ a modelite IR light head on my rifle & can light up a field easy to 200 + yds w/unreal clarity. Take advantage of the sales price before it’s too late. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

  3. Joshua T (verified owner)

    Let’s play Pros and Cons.

    These are insanely good for gen2 tubes.
    The features on these units at this price point don’t seem real, but they are!
    Built in IR, shutoffs, safety features, covers, manual gain knob that’s also the on/off switch, and light weight.
    You look cool.
    You feel cool.
    And you can stare at stars.
    Oh and yes they are killer with nighttime range nights.

    Not gen3.
    You don’t own a set if you are reading this review and you should buy a set or I’ll pick on you while you walk around blind at night.

  4. Rich thonus (verified owner)

    Totally worth your wife bitching at you. Beyond happy with these. Only bad part is I don’t know how to top this purchase

  5. Devlin (verified owner)

    These tubes are mind blowing for Gen 2+! These are the cleanest tubes my eyes have looked through! These binos have a bunch of cool features like auto off/on when stationary and auto off when in stowed position. The sale price is a steal, if you are skeptical but don’t want to pay 2× the price for other PVS-31s you won’t be disappointed. Came from AGMs, and these Jerry’s are amazing

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