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Iray IrayUSA Dovetail Adapter for Mini Series – MH25 ML19


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The Integrated Components Dovetail Adapter for the iRay Mini Series of thermal monoculars (ML19 and MH25) allows the user to easily attach their thermal monocular to common dovetail bridges and is an excellent alternative to the hard to find KVC K-Clip.

The iRay Mini Series Dovetail adapter also allows for a much wider range of eye relief adjustment than other similar dovetail systems.

The iRay Mini Dovetail Adapter is built tough using aircraft grade, type III anodized aluminum. It is proudly manufactured 100% in the USA.


  • Mil-Spec Dovetail Interface
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Works with the iRay Mini ML19 and MH25
  • Works with all common types of Dovetail Bridge Systems
  • 100% Made in the USA


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