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Infiray Jerry CE5 Clip-On-Thermal Imager with External Battery


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The JerryC family of thermal fusion optics provide thermal detection capability (Fusion) to your night vision device. These devices are intended to increase detection capabilities beyond what is normally capable with traditional image intensifier systems. The Units utilize a 12 micron 640×512 thermal sensor with an injection arm that projects a 30.5 degree image into the objective lens of your night vision device.

The current version of the JerryC thermals use software that facilitates image alignment. It has three visual modes: Outline, Patrol, and Full Thermal.

  • Latest 12μm HD infrared module, stronger, lighter, and smaller.
  • Ultra-low load, provides quick installation
  • Quick removal interface allows plug-and-play infrared fusion function.
  • Fusion display and threat recognition.
  • Multiple application modes facilitate hot target searching and displaying, aids in users grasp of the initiative.

A common complaint of clip-on thermal imagers is the additional weight it adds to host systems and the limited battery life. The Jerry CE5 solves both of these problems by eliminating the onboard battery compartment, moving the power source to a larger external battery pack (included), reducing frontal helmet weight and offering over 8 hours of continuous battery life.

The Jerry CE5 comes with an external battery back that takes 2x 18650 flat-top batteries, a power cable and a battery pack mount, in a custom hard case.


1 review for Infiray Jerry CE5 Clip-On-Thermal Imager with External Battery

  1. Jeremy

    I am using the JerrC E5 in combination with my 1531’s for full fusion until the government will allow us to get the new tech. It works well and does not add too much weight. Being able to see at night is cool but adding the thermal makes it unstoppable. Smoke, no problem. Hiding in a bush, I see you. Be careful not to have it running a full power and showing a steady image like the adjustment screen for too long or it could cause burn in on your NVG’s. If you want to be able to run the dual power cable that powers your NVG’s and the JerryC you have to get the one that has the onboard battery not the CE5 because you have ot be able to adjust the voltage from 3.7v to 3v and the CE5 does not have that ability. That is the only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5. I wish it had said that somewhere before I bought mine. I just figured the more expensive model would have the most capabilities. As ALWAYS the crew at custom night vision are great to deal with and best possible pricing. I have a tattoo that says “Trust no one” but I put trust in these guys to do good business.

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