Ops-Core FAST SF High Cut Ballistic Helmet

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Vented Lux Liner with Low Profile Occ-Dial

SIZING (Head Circumference)

  • Medium: 20 7/8″ – 22″
  • Large: 22.0″ – 23 1/4″
  • XL: 23 1/4″ – 24 3/8″
  • XXL: 24 3/8″ – 25 1/8″
The Ops-Core FAST® SF Super High Cut Ballistic Helmet System is a tactical ballistic helmet made for high performance in the toughest combat environments. With a super high cut shell made of a lightweight composite of cutting-edge Carbon, Unidirectional Polyethylene, and woven Aramid, the FAST SF is designed for ultimate protection. The unique shell geometry delivers critical coverage while optimizing balance and stability, integration capabilities, and user comfort. The Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS) reduces snag hazards and interference with the high cut ballistic helmet, and carabiner clips allow for easily attaching and stabilizing NVGs. Integrate other Ops-Core helmet accessories, including communication headsets, Super High Cut Skeleton Rails, and more, with the FAST SF for a complete protective lightweight headborne system that prioritizes protection, ease of use and user comfort.


  • FAST tactical ballistic helmet with super high cut shell made of a hybrid composite of the most advanced Carbon, Unidirectional Polyethylene and woven Aramid.
  • High performance evolution of the Ops-Core FAST MT Super High Cut Helmet, with an 8% weight reduction, while maintaining compatibility with FAST head borne accessories.
  • Super high cut ballistic helmet shell geometry extends critical coverage over the rear occipital bone without load carrier interference, and optimizes weight distribution for increased stability, integration, balance, and improved comfort.
  • Ear cut geometry is 16 mm higher than the FAST XP High Cut shell shape, allowing for clearance of larger communication headsets.
  • Super High Cut Skeleton Rails offer lower profile with a 30% weight reduction from FAST MT Super High Cut Rails.
  • Features a lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS) which reduces snag hazards and interference. Carabiner clips improve NVG retention and stability.
  • Molded liner features proprietary recessed groove, accommodating over-the-head communications headsets with no interference or user discomfort, and ability to doff and donwithout removing the headset.
  • Vented Lux Liner features expanded polypropylene (EPP) liner, offering enhanced impact protection, and molded-in vent holes are integrated with the shell to provide increased airflow and reduce heat stress.

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Black, Tan, Multicam, Ranger Green


Medium, Large, XL, XXL

4 reviews for Ops-Core FAST SF High Cut Ballistic Helmet

  1. cpburki (verified owner)

    OPS-Core Fast SF Carbon High Cut Ballistic Helmet System – Review

    Very lightweight and well made as expected from Ops-Core. Measurements are accurate for fitment. Amazing product and ordering through Customer Night Vision was fast and accurate. You can buy with confidence ordering from them! The fit is excellent. The padding has just the right amount of give. Great protection for the back of the head including the occipital lobe. This will make wearing the helmet long term much easier on my neck…I have no problem recommending this helmet to anyone who wants a high cut ballistic helmet”
    The Fast SF Carbon High Cut Ballistic Helmet is well known and appreciated for the lighter weight yet high performance. Almost every review mentions the high-quality padding and the great coverage even though it is considered high cut. With the included Adjustable Comfort Pads I adjusted the pads for a perfect fit (I bought the XL, with my head measuring 23-1/2” and it fits perfectly).

  2. Jason (verified owner)

    For any first time buyers, CNV delivers! I’ve bought lots of various things from Benny back from the Kosher Surplus days. As for the helmet, it’s phenomenal! The quality with everything on this website is exactly on par with how it is advertised. Buy with confidence!

  3. Kevin (verified owner)

    Authentic Ops-Core helmet. My order was shipped hours after it was received and arrived 2 days later. The price of the helmet could not be beat!

  4. Josh (verified owner)

    Very lightweight and well made as expected from Ops-Core. Measurements are accurate for fitment. Amazing product and amazing store. You can buy with confidence ordering from them!

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