Ops Core Amp Arm Helmet Mount Kit

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  • Available in Black and Tan
  • Ops-Core AMP Helmet Rail Mount Kit allows for mounting to the rear of Ops-Core ARC Rails, leaving the top portion of the rails free for mounting accessories, such as lights, cameras, etc. Ops-Core AMP Arm also creates better helmet stabilization and a counterbalancing effect of forward shroud mounted devices, such as night vision devices.
  • A single point gimbal attachment to the ear cups allow for 360° adjustment, which not only allows for better fitment and seal to the user’s unique ear / head shape, but maintains that seal and moves more naturally with their head movement.
  • Earcups rotate to the side or rear of helmet when not in use, streamlining stowage to create a very low profile

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Black, Tan

3 reviews for Ops Core Amp Arm Helmet Mount Kit

  1. Justin (verified owner)

    My second purchase from this company. Amazing service. Items shipped hours after my purchase.

  2. JWhiskeyQ (verified owner)

    Received just as advertised. I accidentally ordered the wrong color and reached out to CNV, they corrected it immediately and shipped it in a timely manner. If you’re using Fuzz Dynamics for your AMP headsets be prepared for a tight fit, gotta man handle it to snap it in place. Rotating the earpros act like a counterweight balance when I use my nods. 10/10 recommend CNV and will buy from again.

  3. GreenEyedOwl87 (verified owner)

    Super fast and easy way to mount your Amps. Good build quality, well worth the money.

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