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Jerry FB Fusion Binocular System – Night Vision + 12um 640 Thermal


The Jerry FB (Fusion Binocular) is a binocular night vision device combining the best features of both worlds in one device using analog residual light amplifiers and a digital thermal imaging sensor. It is equipped with a new generation of night vision fusion technology, in which three-dimensional binocular imaging enables the user to detect targets more effectively and distinguish threats more quickly.

With 640×512 pixels the sensor provides optimal resolution for an increased detection range. With the external battery compartment, run times of min. 8 hours (fusion mode) to max. 60 hours (night vision mode) can be achieved. As a standard, the Jerry FB is equipped with Photonis ECHO 1600 (White) or ECHO 2000 (White) tubes. However, other tubes can be installed on request.

The Jerry FB stands out due to its low weight of just 600g (without battery pack). Various display modes, such as target magnification and outline, allow the user to adapt the image to a wide variety of situations. The Jerry FB is operated via two switches on the top of the housing. The left one is used to activate and switch between the different thermal modes, the right one to turn the device on and off. The middle knob on the housing controls the gain or image brightness.


 Field of View  40°
 Magnification  1x
 Diopter Adjustment  +2/-4
 Fusion Core  12 μm 640×512-12μm
 Thermal Modes  White-Hot, Highlight, outline
 Eye Relief  25mm
 Focus Range  9.8 in to Infinity
 Power Source  1 Battery Pack
 Bluetooth Control  Yes
 Weight   525g

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No Tubes / Housing Only, Handpicked Photonis Echo Tubes, Handpicked Elbit 2000+ FOM, Handpicked L3 20UA 2376+ FOM Filmless Tubes


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