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InfiRay Jerry FB Fusion Binocular Overview

We recently got a InfiRay Jerry Fusion Binocolular housing.  In the past the FB units we have tried the NNVT Chinese tubes installed.  

We were never very impressed with the NNVT tubes, but were finally able to get a Jerry FB housing without preinstalled tubes.  We built the unit using a matched set of high spec L3Harris filmless white phosphor tubes and are very pleased with the performance. 

Please see our youtube video on this topic.  

Jerry FB Overview

The Jerry FB is a dual tube analog night vision device with a built in 12um 640×512 thermal sensor and a ton of extra features such as navigation GPS coordinates, compass with heading, battery level display, bluetooth and more.  The thermal has three different color pallets including white, highlight and outline.  The night vision has a 40 degree FOV and the thermal 40° (night vision), 25,9° x 20,9° (thermal mode)

The Thermal function and NV function have separate buttons.  The main function knob allows the thermal gain to be adjusted manually.   

The way the image is fused together is very nice.  There are 

adjustments that can be made in the device device to collimate the thermal image and adjust its Parallax.  aThis fixes the common issue of image shift of thermal clip ons.

The Jerry FB is IP67 so it is dustproof and waterproof.  It operates with 2 18650 batteries that provide 8 hours of run time in thermal mode and 60 hours in night vision only mode.  

We were able to collimate the image on our Hoffman machine. 

The main advantage of the Jerry FB is that everything is contained inside a single unit with no external components. 

Custom Night Vision sells the Jerry FB as a Housing Only or a complete unit with Photonis, Elbit or L3Harris tubes.  

The Jerry FB complete with tubes and batteries only weighs 614 grams while a 1431 MK2 with a Jerry CE5 clip-on only weighs 677 grams.  

Using a Night Vision Goggle with a separate clip-on thermal such as the Jerry C/CE5 or E-Coti has its own advantages.  This method allows you to move the thermal to other devices.  Also, you are able to remove a clip-on thermal at certain times to run night vision only without the added weight and complexity of thermal.


One of the biggest advantages of the Jerry FB is that it uses standard Night Vision mounts. The most popular mount for many years is the Wilcox G24 Mount. Practically all of our night vision customers purchase a G24 to use with their night vision device. Wilcox recently released the G24 Lite Mount that offers the same performance as the g24, but uses a lighter weight design.  We highly recommend the G24 Lite Mount.  

What is Included

The Jerry FB comes with fully loaded with premium accessories including:

  • Dual 18650 battery pack
  • Velcro battery mount
  • Coiled battery pack cable
  • Bluetooth controller
  • Rubber eyecups
  • Premium padded case


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